Princess, panties down because I want some breakfast.

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Pizza Box Joke
Q: Do you like to be called sir , daddy , master ?


Little hasn’t ever called me by my name in nearly a year, and would have a sore backside if she did.

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Be a good girl…


Cross your legs.  Tight.  Rub them together.  Put pressure on your clit.  Feel it get bigger.  Feel your wetness, your moistness roll down your thighs and wetting your seat.  Let the pressure build up.  Let your orgasm build up.  Get to the point of almost cumming and stop.  Do not cum.  No, you have no permission to cum until I say so.  

Watch me walk over to you.  Look me in the eyes as I part your legs.  Feel my fingers inside you?  Good.  Grind them.  Make yourself cum.  Cum for me.  Can you do that?    

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Be ready when I get home because I will be hungry and will have been craving you all day.